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Books are now on Scribd

I learned about while participating in some of the SFFWorld forums.  I did not know much about it but thought I would check it out.  I am impressed!  I do follow the Smashwords theory that most people are honest and will gladly pay a small fee to encourage an author to continue writing.  So, I uploaded all my books to Scribd making them available as non-DRM PDF files.  Within minutes I had several people reading the books and a few had downloaded the free technical reference manual.  It will be interesting to see where Scribd takes my books.  I have sold 20 books on Amazon this month and only 1 on Smashwords.  It would be nice if Scribd can do better.

We will be heading to the bookstore today for a few hours.  I plan on reading some more and doing some writing as well.

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Another book to read

I found another good book to read to help learn how to write better.  It's "How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy" by Orson Scott Card.  I started reading it at the bookstore yesterday.  I downloaded it today and will finish reading it on my Kindle.  I must also admit that the writer's itch had to be scratched so I opened up Phobia and started making changes.  I found a lot of things that needed editing.  Luckily, I had written only 10 pages so far.

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Itching to write

Finished  "Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: How to edit yourself into print".  I found the book to be informative and quite helpful.  Now I'm itching to write.  I might work on Phobia next since I have most of the storyline planned out.  Still trying to get a handle on the storyline for the second Dragonverse book.  I want to come up with something that is not only exciting to read, has a good moral story to tell, and keeps the reader interested, yet has an unpredictable plot twist that gives the book a major bang at the end.  I will keep you posted.

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09-18-2010 Update

I was working 12 hour days all last week so had very little time to get any reading done.  I did learn that "The Little Red Writing Book" that my wife picked up for me is not meant for writers of fiction but for writers of technical manuals and reports.  I will be giving it to Goodwill.  I have about 100 pages left to read on "Self Editing for Fiction Writers".  It has been a great help and has given me some good pointers.

I recently found out I will be working 12 hour nights, 6 days a week, at the Beaver Valley outage in Spring.  This is actually a good thing as it will give me some time to write on my one day off while I stay up late at night.  My current plans are to go back and finish Phobia before I start on the second Dragonverse book.  I haven't decided if I will make Phobia a printed volume or not.  I guess it depends on just how many pages it turns out to be.  Right now, the plot does not have a lot of action in it but I hope to come up with something to change that.  I'm still working on the plot for Dragonverse book 2.

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Still reading to learn

Just finished reading "The Glamour of Grammer" by Roy Peter Clark.  The book had a few good points but all-in-all I found a good portion of it to be rambling.  I prefer the more direct approach - tell me what I need to know in simple, direct format providing short, clear examples if necessary.  There were many examples, but they were long and I quickly lost focus.

I've been spending time on several forums ( and and I've learned of a book I thought I should read next.  I've downloaded a copy of "Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: How to edit yourself into print."  That is up next.

I am getting the writer's itch again!  I am going to be working 12 hour days for the next 5 days so I will have little time to read much less write.  Plus, I've told myself that I'm going to take the time to learn how to become a better writer - which is what I am going to do.

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Labor Day update

Finished reading "The First Five Pages" by Noah Lukeman.  Started "The Glamour of Grammar" by Roy Peter Clark.  On deck is "The Little Red Writing Book" by Brandon Royal.  While I read these I am reflecting on my past writings looking for ways to improve.

On another note - sales took an unexpected jump with a burst of purchases from the UK and the US.  I am anxious to begin Dragonverse book 2 but will hold off until I know for sure how the story is going to flow.  I might decide to pick back up with Phobia in a couple weeks.  I've got to be careful though as I will be going on 12 hour days, 6 days a week coming up in February of 2011.  I don't want to be 2/3's of the way through the book and have to put it aside for 3 months because I don't have the time to write.

Back to learning and improving...

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In the beginning

My blog - I thought I would never say that.  But this is the world we live in today.  People twitter their every action, Facebook is unbelievably popular, and blogging is now common-place.  My name is Doug Farren and I am an author.  That's not my primary job, but it's the one I enjoy the most.  I have published 4 books with more on the way.  They are:

Galactic Alliance Series:  Translight!,  Chroniech!,  and Honor Thy Enemy.  This is hard-core, high-tech, star wars style, knock-down drag-out space warfare at its best.

Dragonverse:  My first foray into fantasy.  This book has been reviewed with a fairly good rating.  You can read the review be clicking on this link: Book review

You can get previews of my books and purchase them at:  Smashwords author profile

I work at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Northeast Ohio.  I am an instrumentation and controls (I&C) technician and have been working at the plant since 1989.  Prior to that, I was an ET nuke in the US Navy.  We are the ones that run the reactor that powers the propulsion system of the nuclear powered ships.  I am an avid fan of science fiction and love to read about advances in technology

At the moment, I'm taking a bit of a hiatus from writing while I do some reading on how to improve my writing.  I accept criticism as an opportunity for improvement.  The review of Dragonverse indicated I need to make some improvements.  While many have read my books and given me good comments, it's the comments of those that I failed to completely satisfy that interest me the most.  I want to become a better writer and the only way for that to happen is to learn from my mistakes.

I can be reached at farrendoug at hotmail.  (Address muddied a bit to prevent web-bots from snagging it).