It's just past 0230 (2:30am for those who don't use military time) and I'm staying up getting ready for a two week stint at night shift.  It's been a busy weekend: my mother-in-law is at University Hospital in Cleveland which is about a 45 minute drive from here; we are going through our house in preparation for moving into a new home; I have a ton of reading, scanning, and writing I want to do; and there are a million other things demanding my attention.  Such is life these days.

I've been working on Phobia even though the complete storyline is not yet solidified.  I have a general idea but I've been stymied by a few major points.  I must somehow disable the ship to the point that the crew are forced to abandon it yet it must be repairable by a civilization that has reached our current level of technology.  Then there is the alien race the crew contacts.  How will the crew learn their language?  I need to injure a few of them so they end up in an alien medical facility - how?  I want the crew to be involved in transforming the culture they've been forced to rely on for their safe return to human space - how?  I have some general ideas but no obvious solutions. 

Normally when this happens I just begin writing and the story tends to take care of itself.  I've actually thrown away several pages in the first draft (currently only 10 pages long) as things begin to shake themselves out.  Eventually the storyline will be clear and the words will flow into the hard drive.  But for now, I write a little here and there and spend the rest of the time just thinking.

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