Chapter 6 is done

Having the mornings to myself has allowed me to do quite a bit of writing.  My mother-in-law just finished Dragonverse and she had many positive comments.  I think people like Dragonverse better than any of my other books!  Chapter 6 is done and the storyline is beginning to solidify.  Things are beginning to build and the action is about to begin.  Chapter 7 will be the start of the major action.  I'm still uncertain how I'm going to end this one.  I have not forgotten what the one reviewer told me about my first book - it was predictable.  So, I want to make this one unpredictable.  The question is How?  Which of my main characters should suddenly become the hero of the story?

On another note: The fact that I've been able to continue work on Ishnef's revenge and have made decent progress even though I've been working some long hours and dealing with the Christmas rush and the associated family obligations, shows that anyone truly driven to write can find the time to do so.  I will be going on shift tech rotation next week and I see several days where I should be able to get some writing done even though I will be working rotating 12 hour shifts.  When I go to Beaver Valley, I can write on my one day off.  So, if you say you don't have time to write - I call BS on that one.  If you're driven to write, then you find the time no matter how tight your schedule is.

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