Dragonverse starting to move along

Encouraged by my first fan email, I've made an effort to get some writing done.  Yesterday I spent all day putting together a new dresser and shoveling snow but did manage to get a little bit of chapter 4 completed.  This morning I woke up at 5:00am and decided to get up.  If I was not dedicated to writing I would have gone back to bed but I wanted to get moving on Isnef's Revenge.  I've finished chapter 4 and will be starting chapter 5.

Although I have a general outline of the book in my head, I'm letting the book work itself out as I write.  Each chapter is a challenge as I am forced to come up with the details to write.  Some authors have a very detailed idea (often in writing) of how the entire storyline will progress.  I don't - and never have.  I may have a few scenes in my head and sometimes in great detail, but I have never started a book and known how each chapter is going to play out.  Ishnef's Revenge is no different.  I have only a vague idea how things are going to progress.  What's so exciting about writing a book like this is that the subconscious tends to work things out and to hold onto certain important facts while the book is being written.  I've often surprised myself when things unexpectedly pop out on the keyboard.  Bits and pieces of the storyline that appeared at the beginning of the book congeal and become important toward the end and not because I designed them that way.

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