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Chapter confusion

My previous post has been edited to correct the chapter numbers.  I have recently finished chapter 16 and I'm about to begin chapter 17.   I'm pretty sure how things are going to proceed from here although there are times when the book itself dictates where it is going as I write it.  The rescue I talked about in the last post has been successfully pulled off and the primary antagonist is proving to be an exceptionally nasty individual.  As recommended by a reviewer, I'm going to attempt to work in something completely unexpected towards the end of the book.  The timeline is a bit in jeopardy as well because of a change in the Beaver Valley resource sharing.  Instead of going for 4 or 5 weeks it looks like I will only be going for 2 which will cut down my one day a week writing time.  But, if all goes well, perhaps I can make up for that lost time and work some more on the book while I'm home.

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Hot on the trail of chapter 16

I received my second piece of fan mail the other day from a chap in the UK.  He started the Galactic Alliance series at book 3 - Honor Thy Enemy.  He really enjoyed it so he went and bought the first two plus Dragonverse.  He wrote a very good review of Translight! on the IPad bookstore.  Sales of books have been doing quite well - especially on Smashwords.

Just finished chapter 15 and trying to get started on 16.  I've created a bit of a problem though.  I need to engineer a rescue - quickly and do so in a way that the book can keep going for another 20 chapters.  One of my main characters is looking at pending torture unless rescued.  Oh well, just another day in the life of a writer.  I get to not only create problems, but I'm forced to solve them as well!

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Working on chapter 10

Chapter 10 of Ishnef's Revenge has been started.  Back when I started this book I knew I wanted to have it end in an unexpected way and to have lots of action.  That was about it.  I had no idea how to accomplish either of those two goals.  I simply started writing and let the story play itself out.  I had a really hard time getting through chapter 8 and 9 - just couldn't find the right words - nothing seemed to work.  Today, I was in the book store working on the end of chapter 9 (which had some pretty good action in it) and suddenly the rest of the entire book blossomed in my mind.  It's amazing how it happens.  I was trying to figure out where to go after the last action scene and POW! the whole rest of the storyline suddenly appears.  Cool!  

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