Chapter confusion

My previous post has been edited to correct the chapter numbers.  I have recently finished chapter 16 and I'm about to begin chapter 17.   I'm pretty sure how things are going to proceed from here although there are times when the book itself dictates where it is going as I write it.  The rescue I talked about in the last post has been successfully pulled off and the primary antagonist is proving to be an exceptionally nasty individual.  As recommended by a reviewer, I'm going to attempt to work in something completely unexpected towards the end of the book.  The timeline is a bit in jeopardy as well because of a change in the Beaver Valley resource sharing.  Instead of going for 4 or 5 weeks it looks like I will only be going for 2 which will cut down my one day a week writing time.  But, if all goes well, perhaps I can make up for that lost time and work some more on the book while I'm home.

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