Hot on the trail of chapter 16

I received my second piece of fan mail the other day from a chap in the UK.  He started the Galactic Alliance series at book 3 - Honor Thy Enemy.  He really enjoyed it so he went and bought the first two plus Dragonverse.  He wrote a very good review of Translight! on the IPad bookstore.  Sales of books have been doing quite well - especially on Smashwords.

Just finished chapter 15 and trying to get started on 16.  I've created a bit of a problem though.  I need to engineer a rescue - quickly and do so in a way that the book can keep going for another 20 chapters.  One of my main characters is looking at pending torture unless rescued.  Oh well, just another day in the life of a writer.  I get to not only create problems, but I'm forced to solve them as well!

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