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Writer's group

Yesterday I attended my first writer's group meeting.  It wasn't what I expected but, then again, I've never been to one before.  It's run by L. T. Fawkes, a writer of mysteries.  I will not be able to attend next months meeting but I should be able to attend the one in April.  I did find it quite surprising that none of the writers there (7 women) had heard of Smashwords.  I explained it to them and told them of my success with the company.

As for Ishnef's Revenge - I'm working on a pivotal battle scene that will set me up for the end of the book.  I've gotten about 130 pages written which puts the book far shorter than Dragonverse.  I need to add an elven glossary to the book.  As I write this, a unique way of doing so has just occurred to me.  In a printed book, the glossary could go at the front or back.  Putting it in the front of a second book is traditional but my books are targeted for mostly electronic distribution.  I believe, for each new word in the book, I will put the definition at the top of each chapter in which that word is used.  For electronic books this seems to be the best of all worlds.

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Humanverse / Dragonverse Date / time calculator

Instead of racking my brain trying to figure out how to convert from Dragonverse time to Humanverse time and vice versa I've built a calculator in OpenOffice Calc to do it for me.  Since the two universes operate on different times (Dragonverse time is about 1.03 times longer) I'm constantly trying to figure out if it's daylight or night or evening etc.  The calculator will solve all that.  I'm currently on page 115 and progressing quite well.

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