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Second edit complete

The second pass through is complete.  Minimal changes were made.  Now it goes to Cheryl (my wife) for her expert grammatical review.  I've sent a copy to my sister who will most likely be doing a book cover for me.  I also have a guy at work who does air brushing and he has offered to do a free cover as well.  I will choose the best.

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First draft is complete!

The first draft of Ishnef's Revenge is complete!  I am now working 12 hour nights at Beaver Valley and one would normally think I would not have any time to write.  But if you thought that you would be wrong.  This is my first night and the plant is still in the process of being shutdown which means we have very little to do.  Thanks to the portable version of OpenOffice and my portable 500 Gig hard drive I can write even on a Vista computer with full security enabled.  This successful combination has allowed me to finish Ishnef's Revenge while waiting to do other work.

I know I have some editing to do and that process will begin immediately.  Once the second pass is complete I will give it one more and then turn it over to my wife Cheryl for her proofreading.  I have also run into someone here at Beaver Valley that is a very good artist.  He has never done a dragon before but wanted to try.  So, in exchange for creating a dragon for my next book I will be giving him credits in the book cover.  He does air brushing and is quite good at it.  My original plan was to use Photoshop Elements to alter a photo of a dragon statuette but if he can draw that same statue with larger wings then that will be the one I will use.

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Dragonverse is nearly complete!

I try to write anytime I have an opportunity.  So, last week while I was in training (something the power plant does 3 times a year) I took my little Cloudbook (which runs Linux) and wrote during lunch and on long breaks.  The result - I finished the final battle scene which is the next to the last chapter of the book.  All that's left now is to finish the final chapter.  Once that is done, I go back over the book again adding, changing, and cleaning it up.  I will then take a short break and when I know I have some uninterrupted time I will run through the book one final time to ensure everything flows well.  Then I hand it to my wife, Cheryl, for her editorial review.  She is my proof-reader.  Once that's all done and all changes are made I upload the book.  One thing I've not done is to put the little dictionary items at the head of each chapter.  I've also not put the dragon pictures in the book yet.  All that will come after the second round of changes.

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