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Writer's group

Even though I worked 12 hours the night before I decided it was high time I attended another writer's group meeting.  I'm glad I did as I was reminded as to how important character creation is as part of a book.  Since I am often more comfortable interacting with a keyboard I have often found character development to be quite a chore.  I tend to put myself into too many of my characters which, in itself, is a character flaw.

There was another male member there as well and I could swear I know him from someplace.  He read a short story and did a VERY good job of it.  I'm not sure if the story would have the same impact if simply read by another person but he turned it into a very good narrative which held your attention.  I think he should market the book as a collection of short stories and push to make an audio book as well.  Fact is, he could probably make some good income by doing audio books as a side job.

I am now on vacation but will try to find some time to write.  I will continue on with Phobia even though I'm sure I need to revise the characters in it a bit based on the observations in paragraph one above.  I don't like the title either but until a better one comes along that's what I'm sticking to.

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Dragonverse 2 is out!

After putting my wife's comments in the book I spent every spare minute available going through it one last time.  I am glad I did.  I found a major error at the end of the book that Cheryl missed.  Took several hours to correct it.  I have created the Smashwords version and uploaded it this morning.  I don't have time to build the paper version so that little project will have to wait until after I start my vacation next week.  All the components are in place but there is simply no time with me on 12 hour nights.  The plant is starting up and this week should not be too bad.

Phobia is now about 45 pages long and progressing well.  I stopped work on it while completing Ishnef's Revenge but now I can get back to work on it as well.

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