Writer's group

Even though I worked 12 hours the night before I decided it was high time I attended another writer's group meeting.  I'm glad I did as I was reminded as to how important character creation is as part of a book.  Since I am often more comfortable interacting with a keyboard I have often found character development to be quite a chore.  I tend to put myself into too many of my characters which, in itself, is a character flaw.

There was another male member there as well and I could swear I know him from someplace.  He read a short story and did a VERY good job of it.  I'm not sure if the story would have the same impact if simply read by another person but he turned it into a very good narrative which held your attention.  I think he should market the book as a collection of short stories and push to make an audio book as well.  Fact is, he could probably make some good income by doing audio books as a side job.

I am now on vacation but will try to find some time to write.  I will continue on with Phobia even though I'm sure I need to revise the characters in it a bit based on the observations in paragraph one above.  I don't like the title either but until a better one comes along that's what I'm sticking to.

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