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It's been some time since I last posted.  I've been working (when time permits) on Phobia.  The title, however, is going to be changed.  It is not "science fictiony" enough and I want a title that sounds better.  Phobia sounds too much like a horror novel.  I'm up to about page 90 and it's been rough going.  I've had stumbling blocks that I had to work through; parts that didn't make sense I had to fix; questions as to what will happen next and how that had to be answered; and trying to get the interest up to actually work on it.  Right now I'm stuck on a scene where the crew is taken to the remote crash-site of an ancient (4,000+ years old) ship.  The hull is pretty much intact but the insides have been destroyed by nature.  Do they recognize the ship type?  If so, then one of the races trading with humans is hiding a dark past.  Is it an unknown design?  If so, then there is the possibility of a malevolent race out there just waiting to wreck havoc on our planet.  What to do?

No time to write this morning - I have work to do on and in the house while I have time.  Perhaps later?  I doubt it.  Trying to write and work long hours often does not work out very well.

Sales of Dragonverse books 1 and 2 have been pretty poor despite several encouraging feedbacks from folks in the UK.  Those who have read the books REALLY like them so why aren't they selling?  I do have the germ of an idea for a third book but so far I don't have the urge to write it since sales aren't there to support it.  Perhaps I will finish Phobia then work on When Ships Mutiny and then work on Dragonverse 3.

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