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As of 2000 08/27/11 I have sold 91 books this month on Amazon.  This is a new record for me.  I wonder why all the sales?  Not that I'm complaining of course!  The vast majority of them are from the UK.  Does that mean that reading is declining in the US?  I certainly hope not.

I've been struggling to complete a section of Trust But Verify.  I haven't had much time to write plus, for some reason, this one section is just darned hard to finish.  I'm on page 102 of the book's first draft and I know how I'm going to end it.  But, as it often happens, the book might decide to change the storyline as I write it.  I really can't explain how that works either.  I'll sit down at the keyboard with a section of the book in mind and as I write things begin to change and alter seemingly on there own.  Before I know it I'm way off course and trying to figure out where I'm at.  But, I let the subconscious writer do the work and often it turns out better than I had anticipated.

I hope to have the current chapter finished by tomorrow evening.

I opted out of the Amazon upload with Smashwords.  They were having issues uploading to Amazon and I've always uploaded my own version there anyway.  Why have two versions on Amazon?  But, Smashwords still exposes my books to a lot of places I would not be able to publish to on my own.  I still love the company.  But I will stick to uploading to Amazon as a separate step in my publication process.

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My new website

I just finished building (rebuilding really) my website from  You can check it out at

I managed to get quite a bit of writing done yesterday at the bookstore on my latest book "Trust But Verify".  The more I work the book over in my head the more things I discover I need to alter and change to make it fit the title and make the book even more enjoyable.

I've been wondering if anyone is actually reading these posts.  If you are, please drop me a quick line at or my facebook account to let me know.  Otherwise, I might think this is a waste of time and delete the whole thing.

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