I never heard of Hubpages.com until a fellow science fiction author clued me in on it. Here's how the sequence unfolded: I've been going to a writer's group meeting once a month for about a year now. The person running the meeting told me about another science fiction writer she has been in contact with and asked if I wanted his email. I wrote him and introduced myself and when he replied he told me about Hubpages. It is an opportunity to promote my book but Hubpages is not a promotional site. So I used a Powerpoint presentation I had created about how to self-publish to build a Hub page. Not only is it educational but it promotes my books as well. The more web presence I can get, the better.

Will be heading to the bookstore today which means I will get some more writing done in my current book. Speaking of that - I must pick a new title as "Trust But Verify" has already been chosen.

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