Progress - at last

My best friend that I've known since junior high drove down last week from Minnesota and spent most of the week here.  I did, however, manage to continue working on Trust But Verify since I got up early and they did not get to the house each day until around 11:00.  I've broken through the writer's block by altering a significant fact that plays an important part in the book.  Prior to the change, I would have had to come up with 6 to 8 months of things to occupy the crew of the ship while repairs were underway.  I made a minor change by saying the ship carried a spare which allowed me to greatly reduce the repair time and focus on the main story.  I had to go all the way back to page 40 to make the change and then alter several references to the repair throughout.  I have no idea how people wrote books before computers!

On another note - we had our monthly writer's group meeting at the Barnes & Noble in Mentor and I actually brought one of my chapters to read.  Normally, I don't because the way I write means I have a work in progress that is not really fit to be read by anyone else.  But, I was confident that this particular chapter was close and I brought it.  The group had some good feedback such as change the name of the ship.  The ship is currently named "Star-Pulse".  They suggested changing it to the name of a famous person or a city - something more along the lines of how ships today are named.  I agree and will be changing the name.

Two more interesting items before I close this blog entry.  Number one - I've sole a total of 62 books as of today on Amazon.  I couldn't be happier!  Not for the money, but for the fact that my books seem to be selling quite well.  It give me encouragement to write more.  I only wish more of the purchases were from the US.  Most are from the UK which strikes me as very odd.  Second, I asked if anyone was reading my blog - guess the answer is yes.  Frank Hall (fellow Perry Nuclear employee) recommending I use the blog as a sort of sounding board to get the writing juices flowing.  I might just give that a try even though I do most of my plot planning either in the shower or while I'm trying to go to sleep.  I usually wake up with a completed plot - the unconscious mind is a wonderful thing and I take advantage of it every chance I get.

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