Progressing well

I've managed to get quite a bit written on my current book while in training. Took the test today and wrote about 5 pages. I hope to have this book finished and ready for a second pass in another couple months. I don't think I will have much time this weekend as it looks like we are going to be busy and not making any trips to the book store. I am fast approaching a point in the book where I have to make a critical decision. If I go one way a second book becomes a must. If I go another route the book has closure but leaves an unanswered question hanging in the air which is okay but not something I like to do. I can go another route and have complete closure at the risk of adding an element to the story that has been done before. I have some thinking to do.

Oh - as of this writing I've sold a total of 132 books - mostly all of them in the UK. Thank you to my foreign readers! Come on Americans - are we becoming a country of illiterates? Are we so lacking in imagination that many of us don't (or can't) enjoy a good book?

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