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The never-ending process of writing

I have reviewed all but about 20 pages of Off Course. I think I will be able to call it complete and print it off while at work tomorrow for Cheryl to proof. I hope she can get the proofing done quickly. Book covers are in the works and both submissions should be done soon.

Now that I am pretty much done with my current project, my mind is turning to the next one. I have two possibilities - both will be fun to write. There is Dragonverse 3: Unlikely Allies, and then there is "When Ships Mutiny". I do not have a firm story line for either of those but I do have some general ideas. Dragonverse 3 is the farthest along and will involve a lot more interaction in this universe. Terry and Alexis have had two kids. One is bound to a dragon and one is not which forces Terry to have to bounce between both universes. I have a good story for the action in this universe but I need to come up with something for the other universe. I have an idea (thus the title) but need to work on it a bit.

When Ships Mutiny has also changed a lot since I started writing it almost 3 years ago. With the new plot I will have to dump everything I've written so far and begin again. That's okay - it will be a better story anyway.

I am blown away by my book sales!!! As of tonight as I write this I have sold a total of 447 books in both the US and the UK. Somebody got my book into the top ten list and its been selling like mad ever since.

Jed Fisher wrote a very good review for Translight! on Amazon. He is an author I've been in contact with. I have been so terribly busy with my mother-in-law in the hospital that I've not had time to return the favor. I have a note on my desk reminding me to read his second book as well as give him a very good review. I just haven't had much access to the internet on my days off because I've either been sleeping or running around.

As a side note - I've been reading the Perry Rhodan series. There are 138 translated books available in English and I plan on reading them all. So, right now I am working on finishing up one book, thinking of my next, reading Perry Rhodan, reading a calculus book at work, reading "The Daily Coyote" in the bathroom, reading Photoshop Elements: The Missing Manual every so often at home, all while working 10 to 12 hours a day. What a life!

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Off Course first draft COMPLETE!

The first draft of "Off Course" is complete. That means it's time to start at the beginning and begin the rewrite process. This book was a bit more difficult to write than my others. I haven't quite figured out why. Perhaps because I started it with a general idea of where the story would be heading, or maybe because it's science fiction without the hard-core space battles I'm used to writing. Whatever the case, I think I have a good book here. I need to do the multiple rewrites though to make it into a better product. I'm shooting for a Christmas release.

Sales of the Galactic Alliance series are still very strong in the UK with sales having already exceeded what I sold all last month. In order to try to bolster US sales, I'm thinking of sending out emails to a bunch of scifi book clubs to see if they would be interested in my books.

I signed up for DropBox. This is a REALLY cool internet-based file sharing site that pretty much allows me to store my book on the internet and access it on any computer. It will synchronize across all machines keeping an up-to-date copy on each machine as well as on the internet. I may no longer need to carry my little portable drive around with me. To check it out, click on the above link or here

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Nearing the end - The title has been chosen

I finally settled on a title for my latest project - Off Course. I have also started on what should be the final chapter. This book seems to be taking forever to complete. It might be because of all the hours I've been working this year, or the excessive number of nights I've been working, or just the fact that I've had a lot of things to do around the new house this year. I think it has turned out pretty good so far. After the final words are typed in and THE END is glaring at me on the screen, it's time to return to the beginning and start the editing process. I think I will be making at least 3 passes myself before handing it over to my wife Cheryl for her proof reading. She was surprised to find that this book does not involve any battle scenes.

I have also started the process of having a book cover developed. My best friend from high school was visiting us this summer and I learned that his wife is a very good artist. So is my sister. So, I've started a bit of a competition between the two to see who can come up with the best cover. I sent them each a description of a Keldan and so far I have two close but not exactly the same pencil drawings. Once I've got the Keldan cleaned up in their drawings it will be time to have them pencil up the entire book cover. I will take both to work and have people vote on them. The best one will end up on the cover. The other will receive honorable mention in the book body and both will be showcased on my website.

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Why my sales are so high in the UK

I was wondering why my sales have been skyrocketing in the UK. This morning, I woke up with an idea in my head - why don't I go to the UK specific Amazon site and see where my books rank. The link associated with this blog will allow you to check the status live. Bottom line - Translight! ranks in the top 10 of technothrillers and was #1,484 of all paid books purchased on Amazon in the UK. AMAZING!

Work on my latest, still unnamed book is nearing completion. I have about 2 more chapters to go. Of course that does not mean the book is ready for publication. I must go back through it at least 2 more times to clean it all up. I also have to come up with some cover art for it and a name. It has also been suggested that I change the name of the ship from the Star-Pulse to something else. I was thinking of the Eli Whitney but that is still up in the air. The great thing about using a computer to write is that changes like that can be done in the blink of an eye. I will keep you posted.

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