Nearing the end - The title has been chosen

I finally settled on a title for my latest project - Off Course. I have also started on what should be the final chapter. This book seems to be taking forever to complete. It might be because of all the hours I've been working this year, or the excessive number of nights I've been working, or just the fact that I've had a lot of things to do around the new house this year. I think it has turned out pretty good so far. After the final words are typed in and THE END is glaring at me on the screen, it's time to return to the beginning and start the editing process. I think I will be making at least 3 passes myself before handing it over to my wife Cheryl for her proof reading. She was surprised to find that this book does not involve any battle scenes.

I have also started the process of having a book cover developed. My best friend from high school was visiting us this summer and I learned that his wife is a very good artist. So is my sister. So, I've started a bit of a competition between the two to see who can come up with the best cover. I sent them each a description of a Keldan and so far I have two close but not exactly the same pencil drawings. Once I've got the Keldan cleaned up in their drawings it will be time to have them pencil up the entire book cover. I will take both to work and have people vote on them. The best one will end up on the cover. The other will receive honorable mention in the book body and both will be showcased on my website.

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