The never-ending process of writing

I have reviewed all but about 20 pages of Off Course. I think I will be able to call it complete and print it off while at work tomorrow for Cheryl to proof. I hope she can get the proofing done quickly. Book covers are in the works and both submissions should be done soon.

Now that I am pretty much done with my current project, my mind is turning to the next one. I have two possibilities - both will be fun to write. There is Dragonverse 3: Unlikely Allies, and then there is "When Ships Mutiny". I do not have a firm story line for either of those but I do have some general ideas. Dragonverse 3 is the farthest along and will involve a lot more interaction in this universe. Terry and Alexis have had two kids. One is bound to a dragon and one is not which forces Terry to have to bounce between both universes. I have a good story for the action in this universe but I need to come up with something for the other universe. I have an idea (thus the title) but need to work on it a bit.

When Ships Mutiny has also changed a lot since I started writing it almost 3 years ago. With the new plot I will have to dump everything I've written so far and begin again. That's okay - it will be a better story anyway.

I am blown away by my book sales!!! As of tonight as I write this I have sold a total of 447 books in both the US and the UK. Somebody got my book into the top ten list and its been selling like mad ever since.

Jed Fisher wrote a very good review for Translight! on Amazon. He is an author I've been in contact with. I have been so terribly busy with my mother-in-law in the hospital that I've not had time to return the favor. I have a note on my desk reminding me to read his second book as well as give him a very good review. I just haven't had much access to the internet on my days off because I've either been sleeping or running around.

As a side note - I've been reading the Perry Rhodan series. There are 138 translated books available in English and I plan on reading them all. So, right now I am working on finishing up one book, thinking of my next, reading Perry Rhodan, reading a calculus book at work, reading "The Daily Coyote" in the bathroom, reading Photoshop Elements: The Missing Manual every so often at home, all while working 10 to 12 hours a day. What a life!

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