Off Course first draft COMPLETE!

The first draft of "Off Course" is complete. That means it's time to start at the beginning and begin the rewrite process. This book was a bit more difficult to write than my others. I haven't quite figured out why. Perhaps because I started it with a general idea of where the story would be heading, or maybe because it's science fiction without the hard-core space battles I'm used to writing. Whatever the case, I think I have a good book here. I need to do the multiple rewrites though to make it into a better product. I'm shooting for a Christmas release.

Sales of the Galactic Alliance series are still very strong in the UK with sales having already exceeded what I sold all last month. In order to try to bolster US sales, I'm thinking of sending out emails to a bunch of scifi book clubs to see if they would be interested in my books.

I signed up for DropBox. This is a REALLY cool internet-based file sharing site that pretty much allows me to store my book on the internet and access it on any computer. It will synchronize across all machines keeping an up-to-date copy on each machine as well as on the internet. I may no longer need to carry my little portable drive around with me. To check it out, click on the above link or here

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