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Happy Thanksgiving

I have a new computer! The system I replaced was a single core machine which was having a hard time doing what I needed it to do. I sometimes process videos and it was taking a LONG time to finish. I've also been wanting a dual monitor system and with a slimline PC it was nearly impossible to find a video board for it. I ordered a new HP quad-core (Intel I5-2400) with 8 Gig of RAM. The next day, I was trying to use Photoshop to merge a large photo back together that I had to scan in two pieces and it aborted due to insufficient RAM. The new system is now up and running and the photos have been successfully merged.

I never realized how many programs I load onto a PC until I kept a list of the ones that I loaded while setting up the new PC. My minimum load consists of 18 programs: Office 2003, AnyDVD, HP printer driver and scanner software, TrueCrypt, LibreOffice (used to be OpenOffice), DropBox, VLC, Quicken, Foxit Reader, 7Zip, Gadwin Print Screen, SyncToy, DVD Shrink, Virtual Clone Drive, GoFlex Dashboard, Flash Player, Free Video Studio, and Any Video Converter. There have been a few more (such as ShareZa, Microsoft keyboard driver, etc) since then and I'm sure I will load more.

As for my latest book (Off Course), I have selected a cover and am currently waiting for Cheryl to finish with her proofing. She is not finding many errors this time around - practice makes perfect. She is nearly done and I am on-track to publish by the end of the month. With the holiday season upon us, finding time to work on writing is becoming difficult even though I am on vacation. I am still undecided as to which book to work on next.

I've mentioned that my book sales have been doing very well especially in the UK. That abruptly changed three days ago when sales suddenly dropped to zero according to Amazon. But, when I look up my book in the rankings I find that (as of right now) it is still listed as #3 in Technothrillers, #6 in High Tech SciFi, and #717 in ALL paid Amazon sales. So where are the numbers? I suspect a problem on Amazon's end. I've sent them an email but at this time have not received a reply. How good are sales? How about 514 total books sold thus far this month!

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