The Holiday Season

Tis the holiday season and that usually means no time to write. With shopping and work I've had no time at all to write anything. I'm glad I don't rely on my book sales to support me! Speaking of sales - the Galactic Alliance series is still going strong in the UK with 889 books sold last month. I'm now averaging over 35 books a day with most of the sales still in the UK. Translight actually made it into the top 500 books sold on Amazon UK.

I did put the book cover for "Off Course" up on my web page. Take a look and let me know what you think. Cheryl is nearly done with her proofing. As soon as she finishes I get one final cut and then it get's uploaded for publication. Of course she hasn't had much time either. She gets to take her mom around shopping in the wheelchair. We also have a lot of birthdays this time of year which makes for even less time to write. I've pretty much decided that I won't ever get much writing done during November and December.

I'm still torn between writing Dragonverse 3 and "When Ships Mutiny". Guess I'd better decide pretty quick so I can actually begin writing. The writers group is meeting this weekend so maybe I will bring a selection from "When Ships Mutiny" to read to see what they think.

I've given up the search for a local science fiction club. My wife found a listing of clubs on the internet. I've written to them expressing my desire to be put on their mailing list. Being able to email another author (Jed Fischer) has been nice but I would like to have conversations with science fiction enthusiasts. I hope to link up with at least a couple of them. I sent along some information concerning my books as well in case they want an author in their midst.

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