Off Course Promotion

My latest book "Off Course" will be available for free as part of a 5 day promotion begining on December 26th. I've signed this book up in the Kindle KDP Select program meaning the book is available ONLY through Kindle. I'm supposed to be able to share in a large pot of money for this but there's no telling how this will work out. People wanting to read my book can do so for free and I will still get paid. I will keep you informed as to how this goes.

Due to having to work 12 hour days last week and this week I've not had a chance to begin work on my next book. I have definately decided to work on "When Ships Mutiny" next. I actually started this book over a year ago and shelved it. I pulled it out and tried to modify it a bit but that didn't work out. The original started off with the first encounter between humans and an aggressive alien species. It then jumped ahead several decades. Then again. This jumping around gave the story a disconnected feel and I didn't like it.

Next round, I tried to make it into a sort of fictional historical novel with an introduction explaining that the historical details were blury and the stories in the novel were based on interviews and historical documents. But that didn't work out well either. So, I finally decided to dump most of the entire first draft and start all over again. This time the storyline will proceed smoothly forward from beginning to end. I hope to begin work on it in earnest in early January.

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