Better late than never

The revision of Translight! was completed last week and Chroniech! is over half way done. I had to make some pretty significant changes to Translight! in light of my new knowledge of grammar and the feedback from those readers who made constructive comments concerning my writing. Chroniech is in much better shape although some small changes have been made. I plan on finishing all three and releasing them all at once as a new edition.

In the meantime - I'm still working out the storyline for When Ships Mutiny (WSM) when I find myself with nothing else to do other than sit and think. I found it interesting to discover that the original title of Chroniech was "The Weapon". The original story I had in my head was nothing like what has been published. I like the title though and I've been toying with the beginnings of an idea for a book with that title. Once I finish revising the Galactic Alliance series I will finish WSM and then perhaps work on The Weapon. Dragonverse 3 is still a possibility but that series is not selling nearly as well as the other books I've written so it will receive low priority.

I hope to have the GA series revised in another couple weeks. Stay tuned.

I thought I would also mention that my televisions are now all powered by Media Center. When the cable company nearly doubled the price of renting their DVR boxes I felt I had to find another solution. Luckily, I found a quad tuner on sale and picked up two XBox 360's (basic 4-Gig boxes) on a black Friday sale. The Media Center solution took some getting used to but so far it's been working quite well. We dropped off the cable boxes last week. Our bill should drop by $40.00. There are a lot of advantages to this new system which I won't go into right now. If you are considering going this route and you have a powerful computer to act as a server you should give it a try.

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