The mind is a mysterious thing

The other day, after sleeping on how I what I was going to write next, I sat down at the computer and started to write. After the first couple of sentences it was if I suddenly decided to discard all of my previous plans so I could go in a different direction. It turned out better than anticipated and now it is part of the book. There are times when I sit down to write and what leaps forth on the screen is nothing like I had planned. I've gotten used to it since it seems to happen a lot.

When Ships Mutiny is coming along nicely with about 30 pages complete already. I've just set up for the first major battle of the book and the main character is about to stumble upon a secret that has been hidden from the ships for some time. If my brain keeps pulling tricks on me like it did the other day I may not know how the book ends until I actually sit down to write the final chapter!

Cheryl has been looking into ways to boost sales. If we could figure out why sales in the UK have been going so strong (>50 books a day this month) I would gladly duplicate it for the US market. We are looking into a small marketing campaign on the web and perhaps a press release for my newest book "Off Course" which will also mention the other books.

It's coming up on tax time and I've been considering how I'm going to handle the extra income from the book sales. It's nice to have the extra coming in but there's a serious tax consideration. When you're an author selling books and they do well you must consider your authoring life as a separate business. The IRS sees it as a sole proprietership. You must keep accurate records of all transactions since you can claim some expenses as tax deductions. I go to a writer's group meeting every month and the mileage to and from the meeting is tax deductible. If anyone reading this needs some advice I can help - but I'm not a tax professional.

Well, it's time to go write some more. I would like to crank out this next book pretty quick so I'm trying to write a little bit every day.

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