A new year and another book

Christmas is behind us and 2012 now looms ahead. Time to begin working in earnest on my next book. I had actually started "When Ships Mutiny" a few years back and then shelved it to work on Dragonverse. I've written other books in between but I felt it was time to dig WSM out and finish it. As I began my review I noted that the book was very disconnected. It started off with a long narrative of human space history then a couple chapters of space battles leading up to the present. But the book read like an encyclopedia and had no discourse what-so-ever.

My first revision put the book deliberately into the form of an encyclopedia but that didn't work. Last week, I highlighted two entire chapters and hit the delete button. My first chapter still starts out in the past but it reads like a short story and serves to introduce the rest of the book. Much better. I'm learning that to write good science fiction, the reader does not have to be told about all the intricate details of how things work. I will simply gloss over the technological aspects of the devices and equipment in use and leave the reader to wonder how such things work. Stardrive? Yep - I've got one and I'm not going to explain how it works. Hypercom communications? Got that too. It's all about the story - not about how things work in the story. I did this in Off Course and that turned out pretty good. When Ships Mutiny is going back to my space war style and I'm going to be writing it as a story - not as an encyclopedia of advanced technological wonders.

I hope everyone reading this blog has a wonder 2012. Mine ended quite well. I've sold a total of 1186 books from Amazon - mostly in the UK. I've received a few emails from fans and that is encouraging. I love to write and the positive feedback is what fuels that desire.

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