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Slow but making progress.

Work is slowly proceeding on When Ships Mutiny (WSM). I am now on page 52. I had hoped to be much farther along but I've been doing other little projects over my vacation instead of writing. I begin 12 hour nights this coming Monday and I hope to find some time to do some writing after the night shift leaves the plant at 0300. With book sales doing VERY well I hope to have WSM on the street before my popularity begins to fade.

My dad gave a copy of Off Course to an editor friend of his and she is reading it as I write this. So far she is about half-way through and is enjoying the book. She is supposed to be getting back to me with her comments when she is done. As usual, all comments are welcome.

I've been giving the storyline my dad sent to me some thought and there is a good possibility that I will turn it into a 4 or 5 book series after finishing WSM. Dragonverse is not selling incredibly well so I think I will stick to hard science fiction.

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Tomorrow will be my first day of vacation. I plan on spending a significant amount of time working on "When Ships Mutiny". With book sales on the rise, publishing another book would be the wise thing to do.

My dad sent a story idea to me the other day. Although his exact story is not something I would use there is serious potential there. I'm noodling on how to make it into a new series. I need to come up with a reason why humans are pursuing an alien fleet across the galaxy. Lots of possibilities here.

I've been reading a book titled "Google+ for Business" by Chris Brogan. Interesting read. I am signed up for Google+ so expect to see me doing some more postings on that platform.

Someone asked me the other day what my biggest wish would be if I ever became a well-known writer. I think that meeting Leonard Nimoy in person would be my biggest kick. I would like to have a conversation which him not as an actor, not as Spock, but as a person. I think he would be a very interesting person to talk to.

My dream? Given the chance, I would love to retire today and start writing full-time. My goal as a writer is to create quality science fiction stories at a very affordable price. If I do become well-known, I promise never to use my popularity to raise the price of my books. I firmly believe that books should be priced so that everyone can have a chance to read them while providing the writer with sufficient reward for their work.

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Second Editions Uploaded

Second editions of all Galactic Alliance books has been uploaded to Amazon. It will take a couple of days before they appear for download. I even found a few more things to fix in the first book and uploaded a whole new copy of that one as well. Now that the revised versions are uploaded I can get back to work on WSM.

As I write this I'm looking out my window and watching the howling wind blow the snow all over the place. Winter is here again. I will be on vacation after next week and I hope to do quite a bit of writing on WSM. During my absence from working on it I've come up with some interesting ideas. I've also learned that my weak point is in character development. I hope to improve as time goes on.

I'm seriously considering applying for a free NASA sponsered writers workshop aimed at improving a writer's understanding of science and astronomy. I don't know if I qualify but I think it would be well worth the time if I was accepted. They start accepting applications in March at

My wife has been busy finding ways to promote my book. I now have business cards and other little trinkets to help promote the book such as a couple of large magnetic signs to put on the car. She's been looking at VistaPrint to send off several hundred flyers for a reasonable cost. Since book sales are continuing to increase I can justify the expense. Speaking of expenses - with book sales on the rise I've got to begin keeping detailed records for the IRS in case they question where my income and deductions are coming from.

That's it for today. If you are reading this and you've read any of my books please consider posting a review on the website where you purchased it. All feedback is welcome.

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System problems

I had an HP service tech over at the house for several hours today trying to get my DVD burner to work. We trashed another rewritable and the problem still persists. This one is baffling their engineering department and now they want me to reinstall Windows. I have a base load of nearly 20 programs that I load and that's after Windows loads up the dozens of updates that will be required. This is also my media center server so I have to pick a time when I can interrupt television service for 6 hours as the system is reloaded. Plus, I have to find a way of backing up my scheduled recording listing. I'm not having fun with this!

Needless to say, because today was my ONLY day off I did not have a chance to upload the revised version of Chroniech! to Amazon. I have about a half hour's worth of work to do to ensure it is in prime shape to be uploaded. I did manage to get a small amount of review work done on "Honor Thy Enemy" but that was between the times when my wife was on the phone. I will upload Choniech! as soon as I can.

I will be working 8 hour days next week as I will be in training. We typically have an hour for lunch and I bring my netbook with me which allows me to get a lot of writing or reviewing done. I should have HTE done by the end of next week.

In other news - sales of the Galactic Alliance series have continued to grow and I just recently passed 100 books a day!!! I can't believe it!

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Grammar corrections

The revisions to Chroniech are complete but not yet uploaded to Amazon. Since I've been working 12 hour days all this week I've only had about 45 minutes a day to work on the revisions. I am on page 40 of "Honor Thy Enemy" and hope to be complete by the middle of next week. I have to work 12 hours on Sunday which gives me only Saturday to do all the around the house things as well as write. I plan on uploading the new edition of Chroniech! to Amazon on Saturday.

I received a VERY nice email today from a fan in the UK (you know who you are). My thanks to those who write to me about my books. I don't mind receiving constructive criticism concerning my writing. How else can an author hope to become better if he thinks he is perfect? I certainly am not perfect and I know I have lots of room for improvement. I love to write and getting emails from fans who have enjoyed my books makes me want to write all that much more.

On another note. Amazon sales in the US have been slowly picking up as sales in the UK continue to blow my mind. Smashwords, however, has become a mystery to me. I upload my books to Smashwords and they translate it into multiple formats then distribute them to the Apple book store, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobos, Diesel, and others. You would think that sales from all those book sellers would at least keep pace with sales from Amazon. But this has not been the case. Fact is, revenue from Smashwords has been pretty dismal and I've not even bothered to upload "Off Course" to it. It's a mystery to me why this is so.

Well, my time here is limited and I must get ready to retire so I can begin another 12 hour day at work. I have been setting my alarm clock earlier than normal so I can spend a few minutes working on my book before work.

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