Grammar corrections

The revisions to Chroniech are complete but not yet uploaded to Amazon. Since I've been working 12 hour days all this week I've only had about 45 minutes a day to work on the revisions. I am on page 40 of "Honor Thy Enemy" and hope to be complete by the middle of next week. I have to work 12 hours on Sunday which gives me only Saturday to do all the around the house things as well as write. I plan on uploading the new edition of Chroniech! to Amazon on Saturday.

I received a VERY nice email today from a fan in the UK (you know who you are). My thanks to those who write to me about my books. I don't mind receiving constructive criticism concerning my writing. How else can an author hope to become better if he thinks he is perfect? I certainly am not perfect and I know I have lots of room for improvement. I love to write and getting emails from fans who have enjoyed my books makes me want to write all that much more.

On another note. Amazon sales in the US have been slowly picking up as sales in the UK continue to blow my mind. Smashwords, however, has become a mystery to me. I upload my books to Smashwords and they translate it into multiple formats then distribute them to the Apple book store, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobos, Diesel, and others. You would think that sales from all those book sellers would at least keep pace with sales from Amazon. But this has not been the case. Fact is, revenue from Smashwords has been pretty dismal and I've not even bothered to upload "Off Course" to it. It's a mystery to me why this is so.

Well, my time here is limited and I must get ready to retire so I can begin another 12 hour day at work. I have been setting my alarm clock earlier than normal so I can spend a few minutes working on my book before work.

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