Slow but making progress.

Work is slowly proceeding on When Ships Mutiny (WSM). I am now on page 52. I had hoped to be much farther along but I've been doing other little projects over my vacation instead of writing. I begin 12 hour nights this coming Monday and I hope to find some time to do some writing after the night shift leaves the plant at 0300. With book sales doing VERY well I hope to have WSM on the street before my popularity begins to fade.

My dad gave a copy of Off Course to an editor friend of his and she is reading it as I write this. So far she is about half-way through and is enjoying the book. She is supposed to be getting back to me with her comments when she is done. As usual, all comments are welcome.

I've been giving the storyline my dad sent to me some thought and there is a good possibility that I will turn it into a 4 or 5 book series after finishing WSM. Dragonverse is not selling incredibly well so I think I will stick to hard science fiction.

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