System problems

I had an HP service tech over at the house for several hours today trying to get my DVD burner to work. We trashed another rewritable and the problem still persists. This one is baffling their engineering department and now they want me to reinstall Windows. I have a base load of nearly 20 programs that I load and that's after Windows loads up the dozens of updates that will be required. This is also my media center server so I have to pick a time when I can interrupt television service for 6 hours as the system is reloaded. Plus, I have to find a way of backing up my scheduled recording listing. I'm not having fun with this!

Needless to say, because today was my ONLY day off I did not have a chance to upload the revised version of Chroniech! to Amazon. I have about a half hour's worth of work to do to ensure it is in prime shape to be uploaded. I did manage to get a small amount of review work done on "Honor Thy Enemy" but that was between the times when my wife was on the phone. I will upload Choniech! as soon as I can.

I will be working 8 hour days next week as I will be in training. We typically have an hour for lunch and I bring my netbook with me which allows me to get a lot of writing or reviewing done. I should have HTE done by the end of next week.

In other news - sales of the Galactic Alliance series have continued to grow and I just recently passed 100 books a day!!! I can't believe it!

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