Having a hard time finding time

My hopes for being able to spend all day Saturday working on WSM were scrubbed when I got called into work. Now I'm on 12 hour days which leaves me virtually no time at all to write. The power plant had tripped and they called everyone in. It is now coming back online and I've found a little bit of time to do some writing. I'm on page 78 and beginning to make some progress. So far it's looking pretty good.

I've started getting some more positive emails from fans of the Galactic Alliance series. Sales continue to be strong and I really enjoy hearing back from those who've read the books.

I put my application in for the launchpad writer's retreat sponsored by NASA. I really hope I am selected and I'm looking forward to it. You can see what it's all about by going to: http://www.launchpadworkshop.org/

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