Some thoughts about feedback, reviews, and emails

Recently, I have received a few negative reviews. Now, negative reviews are okay as long as they are true. One individual decided to post a very negative review without even reading the story. He did so from the free preview chapters and proceeded to make a claim that he would no longer pay for so called professional authors on Kindle who put out books with grammatical errors. He claims the errors begin at chapter two. Well, I've had several people read chapter two and no errors were found. Amazon won't remove the review even though it is false. I've also never claimed to be a professional author. I've decided not to comment on his review as it could only start a war of words with someone who obviously not only has a beef against me but who seems to know nothing about writing a proper review. A review should be about the story. There are plenty of people who disagree with him as evidenced by the number of 5-star reviews.

Another person wrote that she could not continue because I seemed to paint the U.S. government in a bad light and I was saying that global warming was true. After some research, I found out that this person works for the government. Her review now makes perfect sense. If she had continued to read it though she would have found out why the government did the things they do. As for global warming - I never said what caused it. It is a known fact that the Earth is warming up. Whether it's from human activity or simply a cycle the planet goes through is anyone's guess but the fact remains that it is happening and nothing we can do will stop it.

I have been receiving a steady stream of very positive emails from readers of the GA series. Many have said they want more and I intend to deliver. I plan on going back and pulling 'The Elite of the Alliance' from my hard drive and reworking it into a two or three book series set in the GA universe. I plan on having more emphasis on alien cultures and you will get to know the central figure of this series quite well.

I do take all feedback seriously and if the reader has something constructive to complain about I will use the opportunity to improve myself as a reader. For those who simply write a negative review simply to try to slow my sales - - - well, all I can say is that it's not working. Grow up and act like an adult.

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