Bad indie author practice

I just read a blog telling how some indie authors join up into groups to fake their book review stats. For example, if an indie author gets a bad review he can ask his group to go to that review and click on the "This was not helpful" button. This causes the bad review to move down the list. His buddies can then write several good reviews to counter the bad one and then the others can click on the "This review was helpful" link to artificially raise those reviews to higher status. I not only did not know about this practice but I whole-heartedly condemn it!

An author should only accept honest reviews from readers. If they have comments on how to improve the book then LISTEN TO THEM. No author is perfect. The only way to improve is to listen to your readers. Don't be offended unless the reviewer simply writes an offensive review (then I would just ignore it). I've had several comments on improvements I could make and believe me I've learned from those comments. I just hope the indie authors who are engaging in the above practice don't give the rest of us a bad name. If you have to resort to such tactics then perhaps you should not try to become an author.

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