I made the top 50 indie authors!

I recently learned that I had made the top 50 indie (independant, i.e. self-published) authors list on a popular Kindle blog. The authors are ranked by sales and I sit at #45. Not bad for someone who publishes simply because I love to write. You can check it out here:

I've received several more very good reviews and positive feedback emails from fans of the Galactic Alliance Series. One reader enjoyed the book but commented about mixed up words. I admit that using he wrong word is now one of my biggest problems. This one was border vs boarder. It will pass a spell checker and it will also (although I don't know why) pass a grammer checker. To help resolve these issues all of my new books will have a good proofing by Chery (my wife) as she seems to never make this sort of error. I've also created a "Screwed up words" file that lists these. I will scan each new book for such words and correct them.

Work on WSM is progressing quite well. I've managed to get past a partial writer's block and now I'm moving along quite well. This is going to be a smaller book than most of my past novels.

Yesterday, I upgraded to Time Warner Cable's road runner extreme internet service. I now have download speeds of 30 MBPS and upload speeds of 1 MBPS. So far things are running very smooth. It did take them three trys to get the new modem up and running but now I'm quite satisfied. It will make uploading new books all that much easier.

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