SFWA vs indie authors

This particular blog entry might cause a bit of a stir - but it needs to be said. Let us say that I've hit the big-time and one of my books is now sitting in the top 10 list of Amazon best-sellers. A dream that most likely won't come true but let's just say it happened. I sell 100,000 copies in the first month and 95,000 copies the next. With this new-found fame, I decide it would be a good idea to join the Science Fiction Writers of America. Guess what? I CAN'T! Why not? Because my books have never been published by any traditional publisher. That's a shame because as e-books become more popular there's going to be more and more authors hitting the top sellers list that have refused to bow down to the big publishers. The SFWA needs to accept the fact that there are some very good indie authors out there. They should alter their membership requirements so e-book only authors can be accepted and recognized.

Update on 'When Ships Mutiny': I am closing in on the end. Even though I've been working 12 hour nights, 6 days a week, I've found a lot of time for me to write. I can't sit idle and any time there is a break at work of more than 30 minutes I sit down at a computer and write. Cheryl will be doing a VERY thorough review of the book before it is released and, hopefully, this one will be free of stupid gramatical mistakes.

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