Writer's block

I am now working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. One would not expect me to have any time to write. But, the writer god has shined down on me and I've actually made some good progress on 'When Ships Mutiny'. I was stuck for quite a while though. I knew exactly where I needed to go but I had no clue how I was going to get there. I was at a point in the book where I needed to convince an enemy ship to listen to what the human ship had to say. I sat there looking at the blinking cursor for at least an hour until I finally started to put some words down.

After I got past that point I suddenly realized that on page 128 of what I hoped to be a 250 page (counting pages as if it was formatted to be printed) novel I had set myself up to be able to end the book in as little as 5 pages! This wasn't good. So, I've created a little bump in the road which the main character will have to overcome.

I am also going to have to spend some time working on a detailed description of Evendi culture. I want it to be quite alien yet close enough to human standards to be recognizable. Why take the time to do this? Because it allows me to write a believable story because I know the Evendi inside and out. If I just make up their culture as I go then the book will be full of inconsistancies. I plan on doing this for my next additions to the Galactic Alliance. I will have detailed cultural backgrounds of all the races so I don't get things screwed up as I write the story. Plus, many people have wanted to get to know the aliens better. I plan on accomidating them.

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