WSM first draft is complete

I have finished the first draft of When Ships Mutiny.  Actually, the ending, as I have it now, sort of surprised me.  I had intended to write another final chapter (still might) that sort of wraps everything up and shows how things turned out.  But, as I wrote the final words on the next to the last chapter I realized that perhaps it would be better to not say anything.  I've noticed a trend in writing these days as well as in movies where the storyline ends in such a way as to cause the reader or viewer to think about what will happen at the end.  I'm still debating whether or not I should put in a closing chapter.  Perhaps I will give the book to a scifi friend of mine and let him decide.

In other news, I want to talk about social networking.  I know it is vitally important for writers to maintain their social contacts.  My problem (and I'm sure I'm not unique) is I have prescious little time to write and now I have to spend time looking at Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all the other little sites and such that I've hooked into.  (I've not gone to Twitter yet but people keep telling me I should).  I sometimes feel guilty that I can't look back and read everything that's been posted.  Even writing and posting this blog sometimes gets in the way.  For example: I'm working 12-hour nights.  I woke up at 1715.  I have to leave to get to work at 1845.  During that 1.5 hours I have to eat breakfast, check my social network, reply to emails, spend a few minutes with my wife, get dressed, etc.  So, I'm stuffing my face with food while writing this in the hope that I'll get it done in time to post and then post the blog post on my social network sites.  Oh - did I mention that the weather is getting nasty and I should actually leave early?

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