Dropbox just saved me a lot of work

If you have never used Dropbox before - consider it!  I do a lot of my editing away from the house.  I use my netbook at the bookstore; I take the book to work on my portable hard drive and then back it up when I get home; I use my desktop; and I have two full-sized laptops that I use on occasion.  Except for the portable hard drive - all of my work is stored in the Cloud using Dropbox.  I just finished making the third edition changes to Chroniech on my netbook, loaded it up to Dropbox, and then went to my desktop to do some final spell-checking because the netbook's batter had died after 10 hours of use.

During the spell-check, I noted that some of my edits seemed to be missing.  I did some checking and discovered that the edits I did on the first 18 chapters were missing!  Luckily, it was easy for me to learn which chapters I had edited and which ones I had not (long story and too much detail).  Dropbox saves copies of all previous versions of anything uploaded to it.  I think I must have forgotten to sync my portable hard drive and that's what caused me to lose the edits.  The previous revision history of Dropbox saved my ass!  I used the latest and merged it with a previous edition to recreate the final product.  Took all of about 10 minutes.  Saved me about 3 days of work!

The good news is that Chroniech edition three is ready for its new cover.  Waiting on the Zaks to generate them.  Heather sent me a new cover for Off Course.  All I can say is WOW! - AWESOME!  I need to add the title and my name to the cover art and then upload it as the new cover.  Will be doing that soon.

My memory for faces has never been very good and it failed me miserably yesterday.  We were visiting my mother-in-law at the nursing home and a man pushing a chair on a cart strolled by, stopped and said something to me.  I said something in reply but had no recollection as to who he was.  He didn't even look familiar.  My wife said he was looking over at us on the way past earlier.  He said his mother was checking out and going home.  We asked a nurse for their last name.  Boy was I embarrassed when I learned he is an electrician who works at the plant.  To help offset my horrible name and face memory system, I've started a document showing the pictures and short biographies of all the people who will be attending the Launch Pad Workshop with me.  I doubt it will help much but I've got to try something.!

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