Speaking engagement

Yesterday I spoke to 6 classes of English and literature students at the Ashtabula High School.  The teacher said I gave both her and the kids some very interesting information about publishing and writing.  The students were quiet and mostly attentive - something that surprised the teacher.  I had a good time although trying to remember what I had told each class was pretty tough - especially after having to repeat it 6 times.  One thing I learned is that I really should be on Twitter.  I will be looking into that real soon.

In other news, my third edition for Translight! is done.  I am still waiting on my wife to finish her review of WSM and I'm still waiting on a cover for the book.  I've also asked some friends of mine about doing up covers for the third edition of the entire GA series.  I think a whole new set of covers along with a final revision will do wonders for sales.

Speaking of sales - after sliding slowly down since February sales seem to have stabilized.

Spent the day digging up bushes and moving them around while I cleaned up and replaced the mulch on one half of the front of the house.  I was working outside from about 6:30am until about 1230.  I'm sore, tired, and really don't feel like working on books or signing up for Twitter.  Right now, I think I'm just going to kick back and relax.

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