About to start work on Peacekeeper

For those who have been bugging me (Charles and Jeff for instance), you will be happy to know that I will soon begin work on Peacekeeper - another Galactic Alliance book.  This one fits between book 2 and book 3 in the timeline.  Before I begin though, I must finish my third edition review of HTE.  I should be able to do that today but if life gets in the way (as it often does) then I will finish it early next week.

Being a writer who also holds down a full-time job is not an easy task.  Finding time to do writer work is often a challenge.  It's a balancing act between needing to take care of the things that I must do around the house (mowing, repairing, putting new things together), spending time with my wife and her family (mine are all out of State), and writing.  Here is how a typical mid-week day goes for me:

When I'm working my normal day-shift at the plant I get up at 5:00am and I'm out the door by no later than 5:30am - often earlier.  I carry my netbook with me and it's the first thing that gets set up when I arrive at my cubicle.  I make a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of tea, then either write or review until the morning meeting starts.  This typically gives me about 30 minutes each morning for writer's work.  I also work on my books when there is nothing else to do (which is exceptionally rare) as well as during my 30 minute lunch break.  I work 10 hour days and I prefer to spend time with my wife when I get home (she appreciates the time as well).  Some days I have to do other chores such as mowing the grass, repairing something around the house, or putting something new together.  Often, I don't do any writer work in the evening during the week.  I get most of my writing work done on Saturdays when we go to the bookstore.  I also usually get up well before my wife which gives me time to blog, read emails, and write.

It's all about time management.  Which means it's time to send off this blog and get to work before my wife wakes up.  But now I hear a strange noise coming from somewhere else in the house which I must investigate first - then it's back to reviewing.