Family matters

What a busy weekend!  It all started about a month ago when my dad told me he would be driving up to see the new house - he lives in South Carolina.  My wife suggested that we try to bring my sister here to surprise him - they haven't seen each other in about 10 years.  So, we called, she got off work, and I bought her a plane ticket.  About 2 weeks before he arrived, my daughter called and said their car had been stolen.  Now we've been talking about replacing my Cobalt but had decided not to.  This caused us to reconsider and so we helped pay for her flight here (she lives in Georgia) and then went out and bought a new car.  I made arrangements for my other daughter who lives in Sandusky Ohio to drive down as well for a family reunion.  I tried to get my brother to fly or drive here from Virginia Beach but he's a roofer and had just fallen off a roof and busted his ankle up pretty good.  Everything was set.

I got real nervous when a problem at the power plant reared its ugly head and it was looking like we were going to have to shutdown to repair it.  That would mean 12 hour days for me over the weekend when we had everyone arriving.  I told my boss that under no circumstances would I be coming into work - non-negotiable!  He took me off the schedule.  Friday arrived.

I drove to the airport and met my sister first (her plane had been delayed about an hour).  We waited around until my daughter and granddaughter arrived and then headed back home.  While at the DMV getting the Cobalt transferred I received two phone calls: My other daughter and granddaughter along with her boyfriend had arrived at the house and; My dad had arrived at the hotel.  We concluded the transfer and headed for home.  Along the way, I called my dad and told him it was okay to head for the house.  The big surprise was about to happen.

My dad arrived and my sister slipped out the back.  After relieving my dad of a box full of wine and cheese and saying hello to his wife my sister appeared from around the corner.  Remember - me dad did not know she was coming.  His jaw nearly hit the sidewalk when he saw who was there!  We had a wonderful reunion.  Four generations sitting around a table having a great time sure was a sight to see.  Everyone is now safely back home.

Now I can get back to writing!  My own edits on WSM are now complete.  I am waiting for my wife to complete her copy-editing.  I should be able to publish by this weekend.  I have downloaded a copy of Scrivener and I plan on taking a few days to explore its functions before starting on Peacekeeper.  Still waiting on covers for the GA series before releasing the third edition.