Laramie - Day 1

Day 1 in the classroom was enjoyable.  I didn't sleep too well the night before but I had no problems staying awake during the class.  Started off with a demonstration of just how big the universe and space in general is.  Even so, distances on those scales are very hard to conceptualize.  We were then given a tour of the solar system - interesting stuff these planets of ours.  I learned that many millions of years ago, Venus could very easily have been much like Earth.  Seeds for a story there!

Lunch was Mexican from a local restaurant.  Afterward, we were introduced to Mars.  I can think of no better person to talk about Mars than Geoffrey Landis.  He is part of the Mars rover team.  Fascinating.  Although many of us still hungered for more, we had to call it quits around 6:00pm as everyone was beginning to get tired.  Luckily, no telescope night due to clouds.

The time change and a slight lack of sleep hit around 9:00pm.  Called it a night and went to bed.  The room was noticeably cooler last night but I still woke up several times.  The mattress is rather hard.  I actually woke up a little after 4 but tried to go back to sleep.  I finally gave up at 5 and started my day.  I will have breakfast in my room this morning (Subway flat bread ham, egg, and cheese) and then look into taking one of the shuttles to the classroom.  Although the walk was pleasant I think I prefer to ride.

I have had the opportunity to talk to a few of the people here and we have hit it off pretty good.  There is another indie author here (Linda Nagata).  I hope to do some more mingling later - I really need to learn about these 'cons I keep hearing about.  Sounds like I should start planning on attending at least one a year.