Laramie Day 4 and other stuff

Even though I went to bed after midnight I still woke up at 0600.  I walked over to the classroom building early and grabbed breakfast at a place called 'Elements' inside the classroom building.  Very good!  Mike Brotherton started out with a lecture on the deaths and end states of stars.  I learned that it's the neutrino that actually causes a star to explode.  

After Mike's wonderful but short lecture, Geoffrey Landis took over to tell us about terraforming.  There's a lot more to altering a planet than one might think. Lunch was Mexican again and again very good.  Geoffrey then presented a lecture titled "25 things you need to know about real spaceships".  Very informative.  As a sidenote – Mr. Landis complimented me on my Excel spreadsheet I had sent to everyone in the class as being 'excellent'.  I've been developing this spreadsheet for a long time and have used to to check the science in most of my books.  If you want a copy - email me (author@dougfarren.com).

The next lecture was about the phases of the moon and the seasons.  I was shocked to find out most people don't know why these occur.  Two very informative animations (available on the web) were shown that explained these concepts extremely well.  This was followed by a very entertaining lecture about amateur astronomy.  After class, we all went to Mike's house for a party/get together.  Had a really good time.

While at the party, I received a tip concerning a writer named Dean Wesley Smith.  Smash his name together and add .com to find his website.  Very informative for indie writers!  I will most likely be following him as well as purchasing one of his books about indie publishing.  There was a long discussion about pricing.  For now, it seems like my plan to price all my books at $3.99 is okay although he recommends a range of $4.99 to $7.99.

I've also leaned that my book sales are on par with many of the other writers here at Launch pad.  The only thing differentiating me from them is the fact that I have never been to a con (short for convention) and I have not really interfaced with a lot of writers.  This workshop is the beginning of a change in those differences.  I no longer feel like the underdog.  I'm beginning to feel like an honest to goodness writer.