Laramie Day 5

Several of us rode into town while a bunch of the others went hiking.  Visited several shops and found a few trinkets to bring home.  Afterwards we met at Mellow Yellow (an Indian restaurant) for lunch.  We all arrived quite late back in the classroom where Mike continued with a discussion of black holes.  Interesting info:  If the sun were to become a black hole, the Schwarzschild radius would be 3 Km.  Because we started late, Mike went right into his lecture on galaxies.  After a short break, Geoffrey gave us a lecture on interstellar flight.  Just prior to the lecture we presented Farah with a birthday card and sang happy birthday.

This morning (Saturday) I was awakened by the hammering of a woodpecker on the brick wall of the dorm.  I walked to the Turtle Rock Coffee House for breakfast.  It's located about a half block from the classroom building.  Had a great breakfast and coffee.  Farah and Sara showed up followed by Jody and finally Christian.  Jake arrived as I was typing this.  (I don't have my references so my apologies if I misspelled anyone's names).  On the way over to the coffee house I spotted about a dozen turkey vultures on top of one of the buildings.

It's been a very nice morning sitting among fellow writers.  Listening to them talk about the people they know, the books they've read, and the places they've gone has caused me to once again think that I don't quite fit in.  But, my book sales are on par with theirs.  I think this feeling comes from the fact that they are writers who have been closely involved with other writers for quite some time.  They go to conventions and I have never been to one.  They are all associated with major publishers or magazines and I am not.  I would really like to feel like I fit in but that's going to take some time.  I need to start going to the cons as well as connecting with other writers.  I don't think I'm out of their league - I'm more like a foreigner visiting a country with an unfamiliar culture.  I plan to try to stay in touch with as many of them as possible.

Class will be starting in less than 30 minutes.  The last class while we are here.  I am very glad to have had this experience.