Peacekeeper, Scrivener, and sales

In a previous blog I talked about Scrivener's lack of mirror margins and that I had decided it wasn't for me.  Well, I keep hearing good things about this program so I've decided to give it a go.  It still lacks some features I consider necessary but there are work-arounds.  So, before I write it off totally, I've decided to write Peacekeeper using Scrivener.  At least if I find it does not suit me at all I can still generate a Word document of what I've written and continue to work in Word.  I'll let you know how this little experiment goes.

During some recent idle time I came up with a new chapter 1 for Peacekeeper.  It sets the story going far better than how I originally started it off.  Now, the original chapter 1 is now chapter 2.  The first chapter of a book should ALWAYS hook the reader into wanting more.  The new beginning does this.  I'm also working very hard to apply a lot of newly learned writing techniques to enhance my character development as well as to make the story more enjoyable for the reader.  I won't have time to write tomorrow as I'm spending the day at the drag-strip.  Ever since I was a kid I've wanted to watch a drag race.  Now, at aged 54, I finally get to do it.

Sales have been disappointing of late.  What happened to my fantastic sales back in February?  For no reason at all, Translight suddenly took off and skyrocketed up the Amazon ranks until it came within a hair's breadth of making the top 100.  Then, again for no reason at all, sales began to slide and it hasn't stopped.  I have no explanation for the burst of interest in the book but I would sure love to find out why it happened.  I continue to get very good reviews and I've even released a third addition to take care of some editing issues. I do have new covers in the works but I doubt they will help restore the Galactic Alliance series ranking to where it was in February.

My wife is planning on sending out another round of advertising cards to see if that will help.  With sales being what they are it can't hurt.

Although I am a bit discouraged, I'm a writer and, as such, I will continue to write.  The people who send me encouraging emails concerning my books are the ones who keep me writing - Thank you!