Scrivener so far

The other day, I spent a few minutes taking my Word version of Peacekeeper and moving it into Scrivener.  The process was quite simple.  I imported the Word document and then split it up into chapters.  Scrivener works with 'documents' which are actually bits and pieces of what will eventually become your final manuscript.  The first document is labeled as 'Front matter' and it contains two sub-documents; Title page and dedication page.  I do this because I don't want page numbering on these pages and I also have to have different title pages for Amazon Kindle, Createspace, and Smashwords so putting all these different pages in the front matter section makes generating the final document easier.  You can select which items get put into the final document.

I then split the two chapters I've completed as well as my partial third chapter into separate documents.  I removed the chapter headings from each chapter.  I did this because Scrivener will put this at the top of each of my chapters as well as automatically numbering each chapter.  This is a good feature because it allows me to move chapters around, delete entire chapters, or add a chapter without having to worry about manually renumbering all of them (a pain in the neck I tell ya).

I always keep another Word document for holding notes, character information, and general junk I need to keep track of.  I imported that into the References section of Scrivener and then split it up into a document for characters, timeline, alien races, and misc.  Now, instead of having to open two Word documents, resizing them to fit on my screen, and then rolling down to the bottom of my manuscript before I can start typing, I simply fire up Scrivener and it's all there.  It even goes back to where I left off.  Start the program and start typing.  Quick notes associated with individual chapters are now stored in the document containing that chapter.

I'm still learning the program and I will keep you posted as to how it works out for me.  Now it's time to get back to writing.