Updated website

Just spent most of the day updating my website.  The site's host uses a product called SiteBuilder and I took the plunge and upgraded.  I didn't realize I would have to rebuild practically the entire site.  I did incorporate some changes suggested by a business-savvy coworker.  The new site is up and running with a couple of minor glitches.  My web counter has vanished and I can't seem to add a Facebook Like or Twitter feed button.  Ticket in with their help desk - more to follow.

In other news - I'm all packed up and ready to head to the airport bright and early tomorrow morning for Laramie Wyoming.  Unfortunately, the weather report for that area is calling for scattered thunderstorms the entire time I'm there.  Now that really sucks!  It's kind of hard to see the stars when it's raining out.  I will keep a journal and try to blog a couple of times while I'm there.