Yesterday I purchased a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) for my main system.  I not only use it to write and maintain my web pages, but it also serves as my media center server.  I chose the APC Backup UPS XS 1000G.  These little units have come a LONG way since I last had one.  It is equipped with a front panel display showing the current load, battery status, and input voltage.  I can touch a button and see output voltage, output frequency, event counter, time remaining on battery, and load in watts.  The unit has 8 outlets: one is designated as the master which can control two other outlets.  Power down the master and the other two power down as well.  It can also provide surge protection for a phone line as well as a cable line.  I really like this unit.  I picked it up at Best Buy.  Now, I never have to worry about a power surge, voltage brownout, or complete loss of power causing my main system to lose data.

On the writing front (that's what this blog is supposed to be about right?) I must admit that I haven't done much actual writing for about 2 weeks.  Family matters and work have had priority.  That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking though.  For instance, last Friday I had an eye appointment.  While sitting in the chair waiting for my eyes to dilate (always fun) I came up with a new chapter one to replace the one I've already started.  Peacekeeper will eventually be finished.  At the moment, I'm actually still working on some of the details inside my cluttered brain.