Odd computer problems

I've been having some odd little computer problems over the past week.  Not sure what the deal is.  The Google Chrome browser has a strange glitch now when I open up a site in a new tab.  I have to move to another tab and then move back before things start to work properly.  I've had to reboot a couple of times because my quad-tuner card is no longer recognized by Media Center, and downloads seem to be running slow even though speedtest shows I have a 35 MBPS download connection.  Just before writing this, Google+ wouldn't let me enter a post - kept saying "Opening".  I might have to switch back to Internet Explorer if things keep up.

Today's APOD article is a fascinating video of DNA.  If you like science of any sort this is one video you've got to see.  You can find the video on YouTube as well at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjPcT1uUZiE&feature=player_embedded

I've finished "Obsessed With Life" and have had it reviewed by my copy-editor (my wife) and my dad (thanks Dad!).  So far the comments have been good.

I got some more work done on Peacekeeper over the weekend.  I'm still unsure how the meat of the story is going to play out.  I've got this little issue with the Army of Humanity and why they are building modern warships, who is supplying them with the weapons, and where are they hiding the ships.  Plus, there's always the question of what are they planning to use them for?  This wouldn't be the first time I've started a story and not known what I would do once things got rolling.