Short story writing is difficult!

Early last week I was off to a quick start on my first ever short story 'Obsessed With Life'.  I hammered out over 1,700 words in about 3 hours.  I thought I would have no problem getting the rest done during my 30 minute lunch breaks at work - Wrong!  When I started this I had two possible endings in mind.  After my writer's group meeting I discarded one.  I am now about to start on my 4th attempt to finish this little story.  The first three endings just didn't cut it.  Wrong pace, wrong perspective, just didn't work.  But, I think I have a good ending ready to type and I hope to have it done by the end of the day.  Writing a short story is a little more difficult than I first thought.

I have finished 'The Bohr Maker' by Linda Nagata.  It's an excellent read.  She just published a short story in Lightspeed magazine.  Although I'm not into the slash and gash fantasy stories I read hers anyway - more for an insight into her writing style than for the story itself.  Stephen King said there are two things a writer must do to become a better writer: Read and Write.  Recently, I've started reading not just for the story but to see how other writers write.  Everyone's style is different but that doesn't mean you can't learn from reading.

Next up on my self-study reading is a book by Orson Scott Card titled 'Characters & Viewpoint'.  It's part of the Elements of Fiction Writing series put out by Writer's Digest Books.  I've just started it so I will withhold comments for now.  There are several books in this series and I went ahead and bought all of them.

One final note.  Linda Nagata's daughter took an awesome picture while visiting a volcano in Hawaii. In case you've forgotten, Linda was one of the authors at Launchpad with me.  You've got to check out this photo:  http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/traveler-magazine/photo-contest/2012/entries/144977/view/